Do we change the continent? Bigman Nutrition revolutionizes the theme of outdated events and stands out for its freshness and professionalism. After the success reaped at the national level, we cannot stop and expand to other countries and another continent, in this case, the African Continent. In our eagerness to improve ourselves year after year, in 2019 we ask ourselves, why not leave our borders and take a great international leap?

BIGMAN WEEKEND SHOW SOUTH AFRICA with the collaboration of the developer Champagne Productions has established a new event on the agenda based on the great success reaped in the European continent. With this new addition, we increase our universe of competitions at the intercontinental level by having two amateur and two professional qualifiers, giving the option to our national and international competitors to catapult internationally thanks to our events.

BIGMAN WEEKEND SHOW SOUTH AFRICA celebrates its 1st edition in Johannesburg (South Africa) on October 18, 2019, an official championship backed by the IFBB Professional League.

“This championship will be open enrollment regardless of your affiliation to any federation.”

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