Thank you, thank you and a thousand times thank you.

Only 3 days of our lives I organize this great act, only 3 days, just as hard DANA to scourge our region and devastate it.

Many times we ask ourselves if so much bureaucracy is necessary for municipalities, provinces and / or autonomous communities to contribute their grain of sand to help their community, the same that fill their localities with life and brighten their streets. The answer is no. It is only necessary to use the heart, an immense heart that all the organizers, collaborators, volunteers and participants demonstrated during the 3K El Badén event. · 19 collaborating companies, 50 volunteers, 720 Brokers, 6 Giant Paellas (300 Diners), 2 Musical Groups, eager to help and enjoy a day that will remain in our memories forever.

Thank you and congratulations to all, since without your collaboration this would not be possible.


Jose Antonio Albero

Bigman Nutrition S.L. (El Badén)

Sumicall S.L. – suministros industriales (Callosa de Segura)

COLLABORATORS: Papelería Mari Botella (Callosa de Segura), Alquiservirentalmur – Grupo Alfonso Murcia (Jacarilla), Panadería “El Madaleno” (Callosa de Segura), Bar d’Paco (Callosa de Segura), Piensos y Cereaes Hnos. Medrano (Callosa de Segura), Frutas y Verduras Pipes (Callosa de Segura), Bodegas Ruiz (Orihuela), Grupo de voluntarias de Vecinas de Callosa de Segura, Matadero Hnos. Maciá (Redován), Restaurante Morote (Callosa de Segura), Comparsa Moros Sarracenos (Callosa de Segura), Comestibles Sota (Callosa de Segura), Fontanería Joaquin Rufete Galvez (Callosa de Segura), Soni Karen, Jesús El Rullo, Supermercados Manper (Callosa de Segura), Alquileres Redondo (San Bartolomé), Patatas El Palmeral (Callosa de Segura), Lavandería inundaciones (Callosa de Segura), Pollos Irene (Redován).

MUSICAL GROUPS AND COLLABORATING SINGERS: Situación Límite, Cactus Mama, Jesús Lorenzo – Autor de “Fuerza Vega Baja”, Tote (Mal Fario Kids).

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